Republican legislative leaders on Wednesday said Gov. Tate Reeves (R) is holding up a special session to consider a medical marijuana program with last-minute, “unreasonable demands.” The leaders, in comments on Wednesday to Mississippi Today, said they’ve conceded to numerous last-minute requests from Reeves for changes to a medical marijuana proposal they’ve worked on for months, but have reached an impasse with him on the number of smokable marijuana patients could have. The holdup is over 0.7 grams of a dosage unit of marijuana flower—the amount by which Reeves wants it lowered.”We have worked long hours on this,” Rep. Lee Yancey, (R), told Mississippi Today on Wednesday. “We have brought forward a bill that many have said would be the best program in the country. We are ready to have a special session. We have the votes to pass this. An overwhelming number in the House and Senate are ready to pass this, and we have a majority of people in Mississippi who voted for us to pass this. “If there is any further delay, that will be squarely on the shoulders of the governor, rather than the Legislature.” Lawmakers crafted legislation to create a medical marijuana program to replace one approved by voters in November but shot down by the state Supreme Court on a constitutional issue in May.

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