A top Mexican senator says that there’s agreement among key legislative leaders of multiple parties to prioritize marijuana legalization legislation this session. Senate Majority Leader Ricardo Monreal Avila of the ruling MORENA party made the comments following a meeting of the Political Coordination Board on Monday. He said that the panel “agreed to prioritize cannabis laws,” among other issues like cybersecurity, according to a translation. En reunión de la Jucopo, acordamos priorizar las leyes de cannabis, catastro y registro, movilidad, ciberseguridad, economía circular y Código Nacional de Procedimientos Civiles y Familiares. El propósito es aprobarlas en este periodo de sesiones. pic.twitter.com/shwrnZpsm9 — Ricardo Monreal A. (@RicardoMonrealA) November 8, 2021, Monreal and other top legislators have been emphasizing the need to establish regulations for marijuana in recent months. The Mexican Supreme Court declared nearly three years ago that the country’s prohibition on the personal possession and cultivation of cannabis was unconstitutional. Lawmakers were then obligated to enact the policy change but have since been unable to reach a consensus on legislation to put in place regulations for a marijuana program. At the request of legislators, the court agreed to extend its deadline for Congress to formally end the prohibition on multiple occasions.

Kyle Jaeger, Marijuana Moment, 11/09/2021 10:09:00

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