Most of us do not realize how many resources are dedicated to dealing with cannabis-related crime in the U.S., but it is said to include a cost of over $3.6 billion annually. Many cannabis advocates have pointed to cannabis decriminalization and legalization as a means of freeing up resources for handling more serious, violent crimes. Now, findings from a recent research study—published in the February 2022 volume of the International Journal of Drug Policy—support the theory. The study, which was analyzed by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), discovered that police were solving more violent crimes in states where cannabis has been legalized. To conduct the research, teams affiliated with the University of Utah and the University of China assessed the crime clearance rates in Oregon and several control states prior- and post-cannabis legalization. They found that “the legalization of marijuana for adults is associated with improvements in police clearance rates for multiple types of violent crimes.” Analyzing Crime Clearance Rates in the U.S. According to NORML, the researchers found “significant increases in clearance rate for overall violent crimes and for aggravated assault in Oregon counties relative to those in non-legalized states following legalization,” which was noted to be consistent with previous research on a similar matter. Another study published in 2018 found that adult-use legalization was associated with improved crime clearance rates.

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