According to news reports, there have been big changes in the cannabis market. For instance, Israel’s impressive cannabis import totals, record-breaking marijuana sales in the United States, California business raids, and social equity guidelines. In mid-2020, Israel surpassed Germany as the top global importer of the cannabis flower. Analysts find the growth of imports in both countries encouraging but warn that the import-export scene for cannabis will continue to see a lot of flux in the coming months. Also, Colorado, Illinois, and Oregon had record-breaking sales streaks in May and June. Then, raid in California marks a significant shift for California in terms of the types of businesses and gatherings law enforcement officials will target for cannabis use. Finally, the Washington, DC-based National Association of Cannabis Businesses is working on a set of standards for marijuana social equity programs that the group plans to recommend as a model to regulators across the United States.

– Marijuana Business Daily, 07/18/2020 10:00:36 AM

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