According to the overall stock report in the United States, marijuana stocks have been on a mostly precipitous downtrend for the past 15-plus months. In June, Marijuana Business Daily released its 2020 “Marijuana Business Factbook,” which showed Marijuana sales reached $13 billion in 2019 and predicted between $15.5 billion and $18.9 billion in legal sales in 2020. Despite early prediction about the Canadian cannabis stock, experts forecast four U.S. cannabis stocks to hit $1 Billion in annual sales by 2024. The companies include; Curealeaf holding with $2.54 billion sales estimate, Cresco Lab with $1.76 billion sales estimate, Green Thumb Industries with $1.54 billion sales estimate, and Trulieve Cannabis with $1.06 billion sales estimate.

– The Motley Fool, July 21, 2020

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