Today, Organigram Inc., a leading licensed producer of cannabis, is pleased to announce the launch of its most recent cannabis 2.0 product Trailblazer Snax, a premium-quality, value-priced, cannabis-infused chocolate bar. Organigram made a significant investment in chocolate innovation and product development with state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing processes. Earlier this year, the Company invested $15 million into a high-speed, high-capacity, the fully automated production line that also helped bring Edison Bytes, premium cannabis-infused chocolate truffle. The Trailblazer Snax will be available in both mint and mocha flavors, the 42g bar with 10mg of THC is competitively priced and the largest cannabis-infused chocolate bar currently available in Canada. Each bar consisting of five sections which will appeal to consumers looking to control their dosage.

– Published Ncv Newswire, New Cannabis Ventures, 07/28/2020 7:19:28 AM

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