The Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden proposed federal aid to help states expunge cannabis and other convictions. Biden remarked, “Getting caught for smoking marijuana when you’re young surely shouldn’t deny you, the rest your life, being able to have a good-paying job or a career or a loan or an ability to rent an apartment.” This proposal comes as the White House Office of Management and Budget is hosting several hemp industries groups for meetings about CBD enforcement policy this week and next week. Although, Biden has evolved on criminal justice and drug policy in the decades as he backs decriminalizing possession, modest federal rescheduling, and now the expungements and letting states set their own marijuana policies. Biden continues to oppose legalizing cannabis, but he said he recognizes that there are significant costs to their economy when people with certain non-violent criminal records can’t fully contribute to their full talents and capacity.

– Tom Angell, Marijuana Moment, 07/30/2020 6:12:50 AM

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