Cannabis Global, Inc, a cannabinoid and hemp extraction company focused on scientific innovation developing infusion, and delivery technologies, announced the live public launch of its Hemp You Can Feel™ hemp-based alcohol substitute cocktail mixers. According to company officials Hemp You Can Feel™ mixers are now available for online consumer purchase as well as bulk purchase for wholesale distribution. The cocktail mixer product line currently features three simple-to-use mixers: Margarita Jalapeño, Skinny Classic Cosmopolitan, and Hibiscus Mint Lemon mixer. The Company believes the use of Hemp You Can Feel™ is significantly safer than the consumption of other hemp-based or high-cannabidiol (CBD) based beverages because of the natural water solubility of the preparations, only allows for a minuscule amount of hemp extracts to be present in the cocktail mixers.

– Cannabis Global Inc 08/06/2020 8:43:07 PM

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