On Friday, PAO Group, Inc., a biopharmaceutical technology company that offers medicinal cannabis solutions, announced they would “aggressively pursue international research partnerships” – with their eye specifically set on Israel. Officials commented they believe the research partnership will advance the development of their respiratory cannabis treatment RespRx. The company cited an ongoing in vivo study, currently being carried out by Israeli cannabis research and development firms Eybna and CannaSoul. The Vivo study is testing the benefits of using cannabis terpenes to treat inflammatory infections, such as COVID-19, and quell the cytokine storms that accompany the novel infection.

– Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 08/16/2020 3:55:11 AM

Open article: https://mmpconnect.com/us-biopharm-tech-company-specializing-in-cannabis-seeks-partnership-in-israel/