Medical Kiwi, raised almost NZ $400,000 on its first day on the New Zealand investment crowdfunding platform called PledgeMe. According to the offering page, Medical Kiwi is a medical cannabis firm that raised just shy of $400,000 from 176 individual investors. The offering is seeking a minimum raise of $500,000 and a max raise of $3 million. Company officials report investors will receive equity in the company at $1 a share representing an 8.43% stake in the firm at the max amount. Also, individuals who invest over $40,000 will receive voting shares. In a company news release, Medical Kiwi co-founder and Chairman Aldo Miccio said he is confident the market is destined for big success as medical cannabis is “the next big wave” in the medical world. The company says the funds raised from the PledgeMe campaign will help deliver these orders and prepare for more through further research and development while completing their first.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 08/17/2020 22:17:08

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