Three years after the judicial process of the “Clínica Cannabis”, in Córdoba, the Federal Justice dismissed the charges of the eight Defendants: Carlos Fernando Laje Vallejo, Héctor Walter Mariño, Paola Jordana Toranzo Gil, Fernanda Daniela Moyano, María Paula Culiaciati, Toribio Aragón, Fernando Moroni and Jorge Augusto Asís. In August 2017 after a mega-operation by the Anti-Drug Police Force (FPA) in which simultaneous raids were carried out on properties and different locations of the so-called ‘Cannabis Clinics’ in the city of Córdoba and also in Villa Carlos Paz, where Laje and others who used Cannabis-derived oils and creams, were arrested. Then, on July 30, the Federal Court ruled there was no contradiction between Law No. 23,737 on narcotics, which criminalizes customers, and No. 27,350, on analysis for the medical and scientific use of the Cannabis plant and its derivatives; acquitting all the defendants.

Sean Hocking, Cannabis Law Report, 08/21/2020 20:18:44

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