CROP Infrastructure Corp. announced it has entered into a Membership Purchase Agreement dated June 4th, 2018 with Wheeler Park Properties LLC (“The Park”) a Washington State limited liability company. CROP has agreed to advance up to US$2,500,000 to The Park for equipment purchase and retro-fit upgrades of the licensed Cannabis Greenhouse complex in return for a 30% interest. The state-of-the-art 35,000 sqft Cannabis Greenhouse sits on approximately 9 acres of land and has undergone a complete retro-fit for full hydroponic automatic and has 5 flowering bays that are designed to yield tenant growers over 10,000 pounds of high-quality cannabis on an annual basis. The Company now has investments in three operations totaling over 67,000 sqft of completed canopy space.

Hemp Land, Cannabis Hemp Blog, 08/23/2020 21:39:48

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