Four years ago Californians voted to legalize cannabis. Lawmakers continue to debate and tweak regulations. This year, COVID-19 caused legislative delays in all cannabis legislative efforts as many states were forced to focus on coronavirus-related bills. Now, in the waning days of California’s legislative session, a few cannabis-focused bills are coming to light. The last day for each legislative chamber to pass bills is August 31 and Governor Gavin Newsom has until September 30 to approve or veto those bills. Two bills in particular could prove significant for the state’s cannabis industry. Assembly Bill 1525, would impact baking reform in California’s cannabis industry by ensuing that entities would, “not commit a crime under any California law solely by virtue of the fact that the person receiving the benefit of any of those services engages in commercial cannabis activity.” Another significant bill for the state’s cannabis industry is Senate Bill 67 that if passed, would create standards for appellation, city, or county of origin. Then, the number of other cannabis bills that aimed to address the illicit market stalled this year.

Alyson Martin, Cannabis Wire, 08/23/2020 20:00:00

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