Iowa’s 2-year-old medical marijuana program is struggling to become financially viable. Iowa’s cannabis market has been hindered by low THC levels, high prices, minimal physician participation – and more. Most marijuana markets across the country have experienced robust demand during the coronavirus pandemic, Iowa’s MMJ sales have not performed strongly. Regulatory issues have to lead to patients struggling to renew and register their MMJ cards due to complications with the pandemic. Furthermore, two of the five dispensaries have shut their doors. Sales are on pace to reach only $3.2 million this year, according to a recent Marijuana Business Factbook projection. MMJ program, Karen O’Keefe, director of state policies for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), wrote in an email, “Iowa, which launched its program in November 2018, has a law that’s more business-friendly than some low-THC programs but is still an example of how not to structure an MMJ program.”

SpeedWeed, 08/23/2020 19:10:03

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