According to Michigan’s regulatory agency, the state combined medical and marijuana businesses are expected to hit $1.5 billion in sales over the next year. On Monday, Bay Mills Indian Community (BMIC) announced plans to create a tribal marijuana market that will operate outside state regulation, starting as soon as January 2021. BMIC consists of about 2,200 members of the Ojibwe tribe located in Brimley, Michigan, where the organization also owns and operates the Bay Mill Resorts and Casinos. BMIC Board Chair Bryan T. Newland said, “the marijuana project’s first step will be to construct a 10,000-plant indoor growth facility, which will supply cannabis outlets near the casino, as well as on tribal properties located just outside the cities of Flint, Gaylord, and Port Huron”. BMIC also reported aiming to form a cultivation cooperative shared by all of Michigan’s twelve tribes that will stockpot shops located on participating tribal lands.

SpeedWeed, 08/22/2020 03:35:39

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