Two North American business groups signed a memorandum of understanding to support Canadian and American companies seeking to capitalize on the growth of the international cannabis market. In a statement to Marijuana Business Daily, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce said the support will include: Creating international business opportunities through joint advocacy with international organizations on North American toward approaches for legalization. The Chamber pointed to strengthening organizational ties like the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the World Health Organization. The support would also focus on engaging with business market entry initiatives in the United States and Canada, building business standardization,  and coordinating advocacy and representation to international trade organizations. Then, the next step will be working with parliamentary and congressional cannabis caucuses to set up a cross-border meeting, via Zoom, on issues of importance to the Canadian and U.S. cannabis industries. The date for that initiative is still to be determined.

Marijuana Business Daily, 08/24/2020 14:06:22

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