A Michigan cannabis trade association is calling on state regulators to make social equity candidates eligible for adult-use marijuana licenses a year early. The regulatory move would have regulators move forward with cannabis regulations despite keeping a moratorium until December 2021 for other recreational marijuana applicants. State regulators recently said they were considering making recreational-only licenses available in November, a year ahead of schedule to counteract any issues. Steve Linder, executive director of the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association, which includes the state’s largest cultivators/processors, said the group sees an opportunity for the state to accelerate the timeline for social equity applicants to enter the market. That, in turn, could benefit both minority entrepreneurs and communities that were disadvantaged by the war on drugs. But Linder said the association would like to see the state otherwise abide by the two-year moratorium.

Marijuana Business Daily, 08/26/2020 13:33:03

Open article: https://mjbizdaily.com/michigan-cannabis-group-urges-faster-track-for-social-equity-applicants/