Research and Market reports, the CBD-infused beverages market is anticipated to reach $1,018.3 million by 2025. The legalization of cannabis for the reason of medical and recreational proposes has resulted in an increase in market growth. Alcohol investors are funding a large amount in cannabis-infused drinks, the growing trend in cannabis. These CBD-infused drinks are setting a trend and have obtained a position in the food, healthcare, and beverage industry. CBD products have faced challenges when it has come to legalization and regulations, but CBD beverages have been adopted worldwide due to their benefits. Many health concerns, such as depression (about 264 million people suffer as of 2019) and anxiety has sparked a demand for cannabis-based products and have shown positive results in treating these health conditions. CBD products have become very popular and used for pain relief, mood improvement, and relaxation. Due to the benefits, people have begun to consume CBD-infused drinks daily, which has boosted the market for the product. Unlike THC, CBD does not intoxicate the consumer because it is non-psychoactive. Rather, it is meant to incorporate the benefits of cannabis plants without the impact of altering the mind. 

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 08/28/2020 23:27:40

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