It has been a fail trying to persuade Nebraska’s secretary of state to keep medical marijuana off the state’s ballot. A local police official is going to court to try and stop voters from deciding on this measure. On Friday, Lancaster Country Sheriff Terry Wagner filed the case, just one day after Secretary of State Bob Evnen turned down his dispute that the ballot proposal “cases confusion,” “create doubt about what will be authorized after the election” and violates the state’s single-subject rule for initiatives. The filing was created by a law firm that declined to release that the sheriff was a client. On Thursday, arguments are to be expected since the top county cop has revealed himself in the lawsuit filing, and the state Supreme Court will take up up the disagreement. A decision will have to be made by September 11th, which is the final date to certify items for the November ballots. Under the new proposal, physicians could recommend cannabis to patients who are suffering from severe medical conditions, and those patients would be able to possess, purchase, and “discreetly” cultivate marijuana for personal use.

Tom Angell, Marijuana Moment, 08/30/2020 09:50:15

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