Wochit Ohio’s medical marijuana patients have found a cheap place to buy medicinal cannabis: Michigan. Ohio marijuana cardholders have repeatedly told The Columbus Dispatch, both on the record and in private, they travel to dispensaries north of the state line to save money. According to local Ohio patients, the list price is one of the biggest obstacles to buying the drug in Ohio. “In Ohio, you’re being charged double the price you pay in Michigan,” said Lea Spradlin, a medical marijuana patient who lives near Cincinnati and has traveled to Michigan to compare marijuana prices. George McClure, a marijuana cardholder who lives in Fremont, said shopping at Michigan dispensaries is far cheaper even after he factors in the price of gas. State officials in Ohio’s medical marijuana industry repeatedly said prices will fall once the state’s industry matures, and state figures tracking consumer costs support that notion.

Patrick Cooley, Detroit Free Press – Breaking news, sports, business, entertainment, 09/07/2020 20:00:00

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