A bipartisan marijuana research bill that’s scheduled for a House committee vote on Wednesday is set to be amended. The potential amendment will allow scientists to access cannabis products directly from state-legal markets for research purposes. The Energy and Commerce Committee announced last week members would be marking up the Medical Marijuana Research Act. However, one day before the vote, another amendment was released that contains several important changes. In general, the bill would accomplish two goals: First, it would establish a simplified registration process for researchers interested in studying cannabis, in part by reducing approval wait times, minimizing costly security requirements, and eliminating additional layers of protocol review. Second, it would expand the sources of research-grade cannabis that certified scientists would be able to obtain the products. This expansion could resolve an issue identified by researchers and lawmakers, who complain marijuana produced at the only existing federally authorized facility at the University of Mississippi is difficult to access and is chemically closer to hemp than cannabis available on the commercial market.

Kyle Jaeger, Marijuana Moment, 09/08/2020 16:31:01

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