Germany’s first domestic harvests of medical cannabis flowers reportedly could be delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a government reply to a parliamentary query “It cannot be ruled out that the persistent consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in many economic sectors could have a time-delaying effect on the start of deliveries in 2020.” The delay could mean that Germany will likely continue to remain fully dependent on imports longer than originally planned. Canada-headquartered Aphria and Germany-based Demecan acknowledged that an early 2021 harvest is the new plan. Canada-based Aurora Cannabis said it’s “looking forward to starting … production” once certain steps that have been challenging because of the current pandemic are taken. Once the first in-country harvests begin, such companies are not expected to produce a large enough harvest to meet Germany’s growing demand for medical cannabis.

SpeedWeed, 09/12/2020 22:10:07

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