Cannapreneur Partners is a leading cannabis investment firm specializing in early-stage startups. Cannapreneur’s team has already raised and deployed more than $80M in the cannabis space through various ventures in the past years. The firm leadership also has a 40-year track record of excellence in investment, financing, and running companies at every stage to accelerate growth. Currently, Cannapreneur has investments, monetary, physical, and intellectual stakes in a wide range of cannabis consumer and technology companies, all focused on redefining the cannabis industry. The most recent of these investments is anna, the first AI-powered self-checkout solution designed to meet the specific needs of individual cannabis retailers. One key benefit for individual cannabis retailers and brands, according to Cannapreneur officials, is a technology like anna can readily integrate with existing technologies through an app, in order to streamline and quality control various aspects of cannabis retail.

Heather Allman, Cannabis Law Report, 09/15/2020 02:55:17

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