New Foottraffik machine learning technology allows Google Ads bidding automation based on real-time trends to increase e-commerce sales for marijuana dispensaries and delivery services. Foottraffik’s newest AI software connects real-time trends to client Google Ads campaigns, supercharging performance, and increasing revenue by up to 25% according to customer reports. The AI uses a combination of historical e-commerce transaction data, real-time weather data, and consumer social media trends. This extensive modeling produces dynamic bid strategies that respond to trends and shifts in demand, that has the possibility of yielding greater returns. Founder and CEO Guillermo Bravo adds, “As dispensary marketing is limited, it’s great that we can offer a highly effective and reliable marketing channel for dispensaries to reach their local customers. This software will give dispensaries a competitive advantage in their local market.”

Chron, 09/24/2020 21:00:00

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