After generating $10.9 billion in worldwide sales in 2018, Wall Street analysts are forecasting anywhere from $50 billion to $200 billion in global cannabis sales by 2030. While not every pot stock can be a winner, these would appear to be incredible growth figures for investors to piggyback on. However, there’s been a wild divergence to date between the U.S. and Canadian cannabis markets. Many investors believe Canada completely blew its chance to be a cannabis leader Despite the U.S. federal government’s failure to legalize weed. According to the latest edition of the “Marijuana Business Factbook” from Marijuana Business Daily, the U.S. sold anywhere from $10.6 billion to $13 billion in a legal-channel pot last year. Meanwhile, Canada seems to be unable to get out of its own way in the cannabis market, even though it’s the first industrialized country to give the green light to recreational marijuana.

Motley Fool, Marijuana Retail Report – News and Information for Cannabis Retailers, 09/29/2020 16:29:33

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