Cannabis NB, the government-owned marijuana retail monopoly in the Atlantic Canadian province of New Brunswick, posted a third consecutive positive quarter. The company recorded a profit of 3.3 million Canadian dollars ($2.5 million). Meanwhile, a delayed government review to determine whether to sell off Cannabis NB to the private sector has resumed after New Brunswick’s Progressive Conservative party won a majority in a September provincial election. “We will continue to objectively compare Cannabis NB’s latest projected figures with the offers we have on the table from the private sector,” New Brunswick Finance Treasury Board communications director Jennifer Vienneau wrote in an emailed statement. New Brunswick has received eight proposals to privatize cannabis retail in the province, which has a population of 780,000. Cannabis NB sold CA$20.1 million worth of marijuana during the quarter ended Sept. 27, an increase of about 23% over the previous quarter.

SpeedWeed, 10/05/2020 00:40:02

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