RAMM Pharma Corp. (RAMM), a leader in plant-derived cannabinoid pharmaceutical products, announced the Company has commenced sales of its Epifractán™ products through Peruvian pharmacies. As announced on July 9th and 16th, 2020, Epifractán™ was approved and registered by Peru’s Ministry of Health “(MINSA”), becoming one of only a few cannabis products registered in the country. Both Epifractán™ 2% and Epifractán™ 5% have now been shipped to Peru for sale through pharmacies and will be available to patients with a medical prescription. RAMM also continues to scale up regular shipments of Epifractán™ to Brazil. additionally, Epifractán™ was approved and registered in Peru upon the completion of rigorous testing requirements and approval by MINSA to certify consistency, stability, and effective shelf life.

mg Magazine – Cannabis News & Information, 10/13/2020 10:43:21

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