In Wisconsin, the city council of Madison voted to update its laws decriminalizing marijuana use and possession on Tuesday. Wisconsin has been one of America’s most stubborn prohibitionist states. Even as more conservative states have legalized medical marijuana and adult-use cannabis, Wisconsin state law still holds stiff criminal penalties for all forms of the substance. In Madison, anyone 18 or older may possess up to an ounce of cannabis without fear of arrest. Just don’t do it outside the city limits. This week the council brought that law into the 21st century, decriminalizing cannabis throughout the city, with the usual caveats made for school property and motor vehicles. Now, anyone age 18 and older can possess and consume up to 28 grams (just under an ounce) of cannabis on public and private property—so long as they have the permission of the building owner, landlord, or tenant.

SpeedWeed, 11/20/2020 01:40:01

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