Toronto, CANADA – December 4, 2020 — PRESS RELEASE — Greentank Technologies Corp. announced today it has received Health Canada approval for a cannabis research license. This marks the first time a cannabis research license has been granted to any vape hardware manufacturer globally and opens up the opportunity for Greentank to take an industry leadership role in the advancement of vape reliability, performance, and safety. Under the research license, at the company’s headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Greentank can process up to 10,000 grams of dried cannabis flower or 2,500 grams of cannabis extract for research purposes. This enables the company to extensively test the extracts of its partners in the house for viscosity, fluidity, constituents, emissions, and the different ways in which those extracts communicate with various materials and hardware technologies to decide the best fits for the formulations of each brand.

Posted Melissa Schiller, Cannabis Business Times, 12/04/2020 08:21:00

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