Marijuana stocks have found new momentum ahead of the holidays. Thanks to the incoming Biden Administration, it looks like cannabis is finally ready to have its big moment in the United States. As veteran marijuana stock traders know, the Canadian recreational market simply hasn’t been large enough to support the ambitions of all the cannabis companies. However, the U.S. coming online will be a complete game-changer. That’s why recent events are so exciting. The House of Representatives is set to approve federal level marijuana legalization. It seems that the Senate will block the bill, so this is as much a gesture as anything. However, with the Senate potentially swinging to the Democrats in January the path for legalization could become clearer. Legalization, or even more modest actions, such as the Safe Banking Act, could make the cannabis business far more lucrative.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 12/06/2020 06:14:00

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