In 2018, Rodrigo Martín was told by oncologists in Costa Rica that cancer in his head had metastasized and he had six months to live. Two years later, he is convinced he is still alive thanks to medical cannabis. He consumes it every day without fail. “I decided to live, I lead a totally normal life and I owe it to God and to cannabis,” says this 47-year-old man at his home in Santa Ana, west of the capital. Martín obtained the cannabis extract thanks to a doctor who brings the raw material from abroad and makes the medicine in Costa Rica. He can’t go to a pharmacy to buy it, because it’s not legal in Costa Rica. The road to legality could change if a bill promoted by the independent deputy Zoila Rosa Volio. The bill seeks to develop the hemp and medicinal cannabis industry in Costa Rica. The legislator, an agronomist by training, says hemp and marijuana plants is a crop with great economic potential for Costa Rican farmers, given the international demand.

Phil Hazlewood With Afp Bureaus, Tico Times, 12/07/2020 19:00:00

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