Marijuana use is illegal in South Carolina, even for medical purposes. But national survey data show that the use of marijuana for medical reasons is common, regardless of whether the people who use it live in a state with a legal marketplace. To understand the prevalence of marijuana use among patients receiving care at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center, researchers have been awarded a $150,000 grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to conduct a one-time survey of patients about their marijuana use. The grant was awarded as an administrative supplement to Hollings’ NCI Cancer Center Support Grant, which aids the center’s mission as an NCI-designated cancer center. Led by Hollings Cancer Center researcher Erin McClure, Ph.D., an associate professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina, the project aims to characterize marijuana use in terms of how often patients are using it, why they’re using it and the perceptions or beliefs they have about its efficacy in managing their cancer or other medical symptoms.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 12/10/2020 21:29:00

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