High Hampton Holdings Corp. (“High Hampton”) announced it is further expanding its cannabis distribution network in California with the successful close of the acquisition of all the membership interests of 420 Realty, LLC (the “Acquisition”). 420 Realty, LLC (“420”) has applied for multiple permits to vertically integrate with the City of Cudahy, CA (Greater Los Angeles Area), for a development agreement (DA) including cannabis cultivation, nursery, manufacturing, delivery, and distribution licenses on a single parcel location. Proposed Cudahy Floor Plan & Facility Layout The City of Cudahy has created specific zones of the city to allow operation for these license types, and 420 will manufacture, deliver, and distribute various flower strains and cannabis concentrates in a variety of CBD-to-THC ratios and terpene profiles.

Hemp Land, Cannabis Hemp Blog, 12/22/2020 20:32:00

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