As the country’s working-class awaits word on the next stimulus package, Congress is making sure none of the money will be going to advance any cannabis causes. Americans are counting down the days until what is expected to be the most brutal Christmas yet for many, be it financially or emotionally due to spending the holidays without Grandma so you don’t give her the plague. Nevertheless, Capitol Hill lawmakers are concerned some of the funds could be diverted to promoting or enacting cannabis reforms. This has led them to include specific language in the bipartisan deal blocking that from happening. A little over 10% of the way into the 5500 words of text, you’ll find the first bit about cannabis in the General Provisions for the District of Columbia. This section essentially sets some extra ground rules for the way the district is allowed to spend the money being allocated to it in the stimulus package.

SpeedWeed, 12/22/2020 21:20:00

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