Government officials from two traditionally conservatives states are defending voter-approved marijuana reform initiatives against legal challenges. The secretaries of state, along with the attorneys general, from both Mississippi and South Dakota recently filed responses to lawsuits seeking to invalidate their states’ measures legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, respectively. Prior to Election Day, the mayor of the city of Madison, Mississippi asked the state Supreme Court to nullify the cannabis reform measure because she argued, it was unlawfully placed before voters. The suit did not weigh in on the merits of the proposal itself. But while the plaintiff argued that the legalization proposal was invalid because of a state statute that dictates the percentage of signatures required per district to qualify a ballot initiative, the attorney general’s office submitted a filing on Monday for Secretary of State Michael Watson that contests the basis of the suit.

Kyle Jaeger, Marijuana Moment, 12/29/2020 15:19:00

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