MMJ BioPharma Cultivation just joined forces with the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe to develop 20 acres of tribal land into cannabis grow. The land is in upstate New York near the border of Canada. The partnership was MMJ’s idea, and tribal officials agreed to the plan, as the land was previously set to become a business park. “The project isn’t a typical medical or recreational marijuana deal where cannabis is grown and sold in the commercial market,” members of the Tewáthahón: ni Corporation Board of Managers say in an official statement. Because this growth will happen on tribal land, they should be able to get special permission from the DEA under the DEA Importer Permit allowing the growth. They will only be able to sell cannabis to medical facilities and labs, as well as universities or other organizations that are using cannabis for research.

SpeedWeed, 12/29/2020 21:05:00

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