When it comes to the fees and availability of cannabis business licenses in Montana, the state boasts a lot of advantages. Montana residents have been accepting of the state’s medical-marijuana program, with patient counts reaching 3.8% per capita. With fewer than 1.1 million residents spread across a large area, however, sales will never reach the astronomical levels seen in more populated areas. Voters approved a recreational marijuana program in the November election by a margin of 57% to 43%. A University of Montana study projects an adult-use market will generate $217 million in the first full year of sales (likely 2023) and $234 million in 2024. Only Montana residents can obtain medical marijuana licenses, and that will be the case with the recreational cannabis program as well. There are no statewide limits on medical marijuana providers, and as of the third quarter, there were 278 licensed MMJ operators and 368 dispensaries in operation.

Marijuana Business Daily, 01/04/2021 17:03:00

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