Texas’ limited medical marijuana program is considered economically unviable for MMJ companies, generating sales that represent a fraction of what one industry executive described as a potential billion-dollar market. But that situation could begin to change this year if Texas lawmakers agree to significantly expand the program, which currently serves only a few thousand patients. Any expansion would offer fresh business opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs up and down the supply chain. In its current form, Texas’ MMJ program is costly and financially constrained by a small list of qualifying patient conditions, a low THC cap, and minimal physician participation. Fewer than 300 doctors have been approved for the program. This year, a big legislative push is being made to broaden the current handful of MMJ conditions and increase the 0.5% cap on THC. Such changes could significantly boost sales and put Texas more on par with other medical marijuana programs across the country.

Marijuana Business Daily, 01/07/2021 06:30:00

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