The COVID-19 pandemic is hurting the state budget and Gov. Laura Kelly’s past dedication to sign a medical marijuana bill, this session may present the most realistic shot yet to pass meaningful cannabis policies. After a shortened session, hopes for the legalization of medicinal cannabis in 2020 were dashed. Plant proponents are taking a fresh approach to the upcoming legislative session. Last year, two separate bills were filed calling for medicinal use, but both died in committee, despite the pressure to consider cannabis legislation in June when lawmakers called for a special session. One of the bills offered a more conservative cannabis policy, like Ohio’s. Daniel Shafton, a consultant for the Kansas Cannabis Business Association said, this year, those pushing to pass the bill are working to create collaborative legislation that appeals to both sides of the aisle. Shafton said the KSCBA has put significant effort into meetings and webinars with stakeholders and legislators to inform the bill they plan to propose.

Marijuana Moment, Marijuana Moment, 01/11/2021 14:08:00

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