The Democrats in control of the White House, Senate, and Congress Wall Street now beckons for America’s cannabis industry. Stock prices moved ahead rapidly in the last week following the Georgia state run-off which tipped the Senate into Democrat’s hands. The closely-followed new New Cannabis Ventures Global Cannabis Stock Index rose by 14% and the American Cannabis Operator Index rose by a similar magnitude. Writing for BusinessCann American cannabis entrepreneur Elle Rahman outlined how a Democrat clean-sweep will turbo-charge the industry. Cannabis Firms To ‘Trade Like Other Industries’ She said: Democrats support recreational-use decriminalization of cannabis, removing cannabis as a Schedule I drug in the Controlled Substances Act, and Federal medical legalization; deferring to each State to manage and set laws pertaining to the cannabis economy. “Under the new administration, we anticipate the passage of either or both of the STATES and MORE Acts – which will allow for access to capital markets and financial services without the risk of Federal sanctions. “This should allow cannabis business start-ups and existing operators to trade, as in any other commercialized industry.

Peter Mccusker, Cannabis Business Executive – Cannabis and Marijuana industry news, 01/13/2021 21:34:00

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