The Czech market for medical cannabis flower quadrupled last year compared to 2019, according to data published by the State Agency for Medical Cannabis. However, the market remains very small. In 2020, roughly 68 kilograms of medical cannabis flower was sold to patients in Czech pharmacies, compared with 17 kilograms the year before, the data shows. Expectations that the market would see a tremendous boost after medical cannabis was included in the country’s public health insurance in early 2020 have so far failed to materialize. As Marijuana Business Daily previously reported, bureaucratic hurdles and limited participation in the medical marijuana program by doctors and pharmacies represent challenges that were not resolved with the introduction of the health insurance coverage scheme. Despite that, the market is growing with improved access. October and November saw record sales of medical cannabis, with about 7 kilograms sold each month.

SpeedWeed, 01/25/2021 01:15:00

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