When the coronavirus pandemic struck, the cannabis industry was left in a precarious position. Although most states that have legal cannabis markets declared the young industry essential, medical cannabis patients were at great risk every time they headed out to get their medicine. Plenty of them are either elderly, immunocompromised or both, putting them at an even greater risk of infection and suffering severe symptoms. To help keep both patients and staff safe, some states began allowing cannabis home deliveries. In Utah, medical marijuana couriers have started making deliveries of medical cannabis orders to patients’ homes. The state first allowed medical dispensaries to make home deliveries last May, as long as the dispensaries met strict requirements for delivering themselves or through a licensed medical marijuana courier. More than 10,000 Utah residents have applied for and received medical cannabis cards and, for plenty of them, going out to buy medical marijuana can be a matter of life and death.

CannabisNewsWire, 02/01/2021 16:20:00

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