Jazz Pharmaceuticals’ planned $7.2 billion takeovers of United Kingdom-based GW Pharmaceuticals could kick off a wave of deal-making between pharma and medical cannabis companies, analysts and industry sources say. But rather than all cannabis producers benefiting, only businesses that have marketable intellectual property and an established foothold in the medical cannabinoid arena will draw serious interest. n the case of GW, for example, Ireland-based Jazz was attracted to the British company’s cannabis-based epilepsy medicine, Epidiolex. “In the short term, you’re likely going to see many LPs taking advantage of GW’s news when in reality it will have little, if any, impact on most of them unless they have deep expertise in R&D, plant genetics and clinical trials,” David Kideckel, an analyst for Alberta-based ATB Capital Markets, told Marijuana Business Daily. “There will be much upside, however, for specific companies playing in GW’s wheelhouse.”

Marijuana Business Daily, 02/05/2021 09:00:00

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