Sales of marijuana concentrates shot up more than 40% last year and accounted for a larger share of the overall cannabis market, as consumers became more comfortable with the intricate process of dabbing and new technology has made the products easier to use. In addition, some consumers are moving away from vape products because of respiratory-related health concerns and turning to concentrates such as wax, hash, and shatter, according to industry insiders. Meanwhile, the wholesale price of concentrates – which deliver a stronger dose of THC than other products such as flowers – is rising in the face of the increased demand. According to Seattle-based data analytics firm Headset, sales of marijuana concentrates surged 40.5% last year in the adult-use states of California, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington as well as the recreational and medical markets in Oregon. The data compare January to November sales in 2020 to the same period in 2019.

Marijuana Business Daily, 02/08/2021 06:30:00

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