Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s commitment to make federal marijuana reform a priority sent cannabis stocks surging last week and thrilled advocates, but experts caution that high hurdles persist for comprehensive legislation to pass Congress. What makes the task especially difficult in the U.S. Senate is that 60 votes likely will be required for passage – a tall order in today’s hyperpartisan atmosphere. “It gives more energy that (Schumer) is fighting for this, that he wants to do something and that it’s a priority,” said Michael Correia, lead lobbyist for the Washington DC-based National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). “But to get to 60 senators is going to be a heavy lift.” At the same time, it’s unclear what will happen to more piecemeal reform efforts such as cannabis banking legislation. The measure enjoys strong bipartisan support.

Marijuana Business Daily, 02/11/2021 06:30:00

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