Leading state lawmakers, including Republican Gov. Kristi Noem, have announced they intend to delay the implementation of Measure 26, a medical cannabis legalization initiative approved on Election Day by 70 percent of voters in South Dakota. A press release issued by the Governor’s office on Wednesday states lawmakers will delay the law’s implementation by at least one year and that they will “create an interim committee” to make legislative recommendations prior to next year’s legislative session. Lawmakers intend to pass newly introduced legislation, House Bill 1100, amending Measure 26’s implementation dates. A spokesperson for the Measure 26 campaign criticized the delay effort, stating: “The policy is detailed and based on best practices from other states. The legislature does not need to change Measure 26; we wrote a complete policy. All they need to do is respect the will of the people and allow the state to implement a medical marijuana program for qualifying patients.”

NORML, 02/10/2021 19:00:00

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