Iowans would have to pay only $10 every two years for a medical cannabis card that now costs $100 per year under a bill advancing in the Iowa Senate. However, lawmakers on a Senate subcommittee agreed Thursday the fees, along with other parts of the bill, may need changes in order to make sure the program continues to cover the costs of state administration and testing. Representatives of the Iowa Department of Public Health and the University of Iowa, which operate the State Hygienic Lab, raised concerns that the cut in fees would leave them without enough revenue to pay for operating the program. Senate Study Bill 1177 would slash fees paid by the manufacturers of medical cannabis to $2,000 a year and create an income tax deduction for business expenses associated with manufacturing or dispensing medical cannabis. Sales taxes from medical cannabis would be diverted to pay for state administration and testing.

Marijuana Moment, Marijuana Moment, 02/11/2021 14:19:00

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