A subsidiary of Canada’s Aurora Cannabis says its “made in Denmark” medical cannabis products have reached some German pharmacies for the first time – a milestone years in the making. The German distribution comes before the products have been cleared by authorities for sale in Denmark, where the medicine is produced, in the latest example of the immense regulatory obstacles often facing medical cannabis businesses. Aurora Nordic Cannabis A/S has awaited approval by Danish regulators for months, after receiving its EU-GMP certification by the Danish Medicines Agency. “We started to deliver to the first pharmacies who ordered the product from us,” Yvonne Moeller, the company’s director of communications for Europe, told Marijuana Business Daily via email. She said over 150 pharmacies have the products, which were made at Aurora Nordic in Denmark. “Last week, the (first) medical cannabis products ‘Made in Denmark’ reached German pharmacies,” Aurora Deutschland GmbH announced on LinkedIn. The move is part of Aurora’s plan to meet demand in the European Union using its European-based production.

Marijuana Business Daily, 02/23/2021 13:28:00

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