It is now two years after Portugal passed its medical marijuana bill, allowing access to cannabis medicines for those in need. And it looks like medical cannabis will finally be available in Portuguese pharmacies starting this April. The world of legal cannabis is constantly moving, and ever-changing. If you weren’t paying attention, there’s even a new type of THC out there. Delta-8 THC has a less psychoactive effect, and causes less anxiety, making it a preferable choice for many cannabis users. Think you might be one of them? Check out these great Delta-8 THC deals, to see for yourself. Portugal and cannabis One of the things Portugal is known for when it comes to drugs is the decriminalization measure it took back in 2001. That year, the Portuguese government passed law 30/2000 which decriminalized (not legalized) the use and possession of illegal drugs including cannabis. Several countries like Colombia and Costa Rica have similar policies. The idea of the bill was to limit drug problems among citizens.

Sarah Friedman, CBD Testers, 03/02/2021 19:00:00

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