During the 2020 election, five states voted to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. Knowing that the Biden administration has expressed their support for decriminalization, in addition to the passing of the MORE Act in 2019, investors are starting to set their sights on the cannabis industry for future profits. “Three of the most important events to drive cannabis growth in 2021 and beyond have occurred. Notable progress on the regulatory front, a catalyst for industry expansion to the East coast,” says Jeffrey Finkle, CEO of Arcview Ventures. “The passage in New Jersey will likely affect the futures of New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maryland.” The Arcview Group is a vertically integrated investment firm servicing the cannabis industry. Investing avenues in the Arcview ecosystem such as The Arcview Collective Fund, Arcview Capital, and Arcview Investor Network are firing on all cylinders. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and two other Democratic senators said recently that they will push to pass sweeping legislation that would end the federal prohibition on cannabis, in 2021.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 03/09/2021 22:36:00

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